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Very surprised with these subs. Fixing to order a 4th.

Dual 12 Inch Vented Subwoofer Box Design
Jerico J. (Greensboro, NC)
This subwoofer box download was straight forward

I downloaded this well over a year ago, and built it out of oak, it sounds great and holds up to the abuse I put it through, although I went with other subs besides the strato at 4krms I have no complaints! Especially for a 5.00 download

Well designed speakers and very nice sound

These well designed speakers and have very nice sound. Installed on a 2019 Ram 2500 crew cab, wanted them for front doors but couldn't make them fit there so I saw they will fit rear doors with minor mods, but already sound 100% better then stock and can't wait till their broken in.

Hydro 12

Once I received and unboxed my Hyrdo 12 I was literally blown away by the quality of this affordable shallow mound sub. I am currently breaking it in and will update my review after the break-in period. So far I am very pleased with the sound and quality.

Every time I turn my system up, it shuts off and goes into protect mode and everything is hooked up perfectly

Perfect upgrade and Pocket Friendly

I ordered the MESO 3 way component set as well as the ATv2-125.4D 4 channel amp to upgrade my 2015 mustang’s sound system and wow. Going from the OEM 9 speaker setup to the CT 6 speaker component setup had me a little nervous with the volume and sound immersion. This being my first purchase from CT I have ZERO biases and I am extremely impressed! The woofers sound nice and punchy, 3.5s fill the gap between and high/lows well. The tweeters are a little tinny but I’m sure that is my fault as I’m not running a preamp EQ at the moment but are still a giant improvement over the stock, distorted tweeters I came from. $500 can’t be beat for the quality and simplicity of these products! Thank you CT!

Single 10 Inch Ported Subwoofer Box Design
Michael J. (Farmington Hills, MI)
Simple and straightforward

I built this box for a meso 10” with a ct sounds 1500.1. The box is tuned well for all sorts of music from rap to heavy metal it sounds good. Plans were easy to read and follow. In the future I might make it a double baffle but other than that a good box and only $60 in wood.

Sounding amazing for the size

That 8” sub impressed me handle the bass frequency very excellent satisfied with the outcome of my purchase the 1000 watts amplifier tweets and the sub

The Meso Series

I ordered one 8inch meso subwoofer a year and a half ago and I’ve always wanted another, they’re superior to any of the 8inch Sk*rs I've used.

Thermo 12


True to their word.

The Product is great and so is the service. They got my equipment to me in two days. I will be making a few more purchases in the near future.

Big bass very impressed no joke , looking forward to finish up with the 8” !

HYDRO-10 // 500 Watt RMS 10 Inch Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Definately worth the money

Had a box of two 12inch JL Audio subs, just wasnt doing it. Went with one 12 sub and enclosure from CT and WOW what a difference this sub and enclosure jams. Im VERY pleased with the performance , it def booms but is also quite respectable with quick tight bass/drum beats. I look forward to trying other CT Sound gear in the near future,I’m convinced.

They sound great


Amazing subs, That's not what I was expecting. I'm extremely happy with my purchase. Thx CT

Great price for the quality

These speakers will bring life to whatever audio system you choose to pair them with

CT Series Stock Bass Knob
dave l. (Bellevue, WA)
3rd item

It works it was fair priced

Nice Quality wire need more accessories (heat shrink, ring terminals)

I only needed the 0g power wire. But it is good quality wire. My only complaint is that it only comes with 2 0 gauge ring terminals since i was running from one battery to a fuse to another battery, i didnt have enough connectors had to buy some separately

Great sound and quality!!!

Just as described! I wanted that knocking bass and I finally got it!

CT tweeter

Great tweeters sounds so cleann and crisp


I installed this single 12" paired with a CT Sounds 700 watt amp in my wife's 2017 Cruze. This replaced two 12" Kicker Comps. Despite being only a single subwoofer this out performs the two 12s. This plays very low and pretty accurate. Her old system only put out good bass at high volume. I appreciate that the CT Sounds puts out good bass at low volume. I can tell when she's driving home because I can hear her car bumping up the road.

I had sent a email that was bad...had trouble getting tue merchandise, and also trouble with getting everything to work at 1st. Disregard that email of me saying bad things. I got everything working and together and wowo.. ct sounds is definitely worth the money. I have been playing music all day and sounds great. At first I thought the stuff was junks.. boy was I wrong.. the subs and amp is pumping!!!!!😁😁

Great little amp, I’m running (2) of them. One is bridged to (2) 8” mids in front doors and the other is running (4) tweets in the a-pillars. Gets very loud and stays clear