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Love mine

Put the strato 6.5s in to replace some kenwoods and man these things are crystal clear and crisp..awesome speakers

2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 with BOSE

I didn’t realize my stock tweeters were so weak, after a good amount of research I’m glad I went with these. I popped the old ones off wired them up and a few minutes later nothing but clean crisp sound, in my case the green is the positive. Shipping was extremely fast, got them the same week I ordered them. I did have to make the holes bigger with a steel step drill bit I got from Amazon went the full 2 inches.

Tropo 10

I am very pleased with my purchase of a CT Sounds Tropo 10. The customer service and shipping was top notch and this is the best sounding 10” sub I have ever owned. Well done CT Sounds!

Great tweets

Great tweets. Would run them again.

Amazing product

This is the second amp I have bought and they are amazing I’m running 4 meso 8s and they sound unbelievable

I have been happy with every CT Sounds product I’ve bought. Even this wiring kit is top notch. They make quality performance at a good price.

Complete CT sounds system

Replaced a 3k taramp with the CT 3000.1 build quality is night & day difference, CT alot better build..

Very very good sub

I got 2 meso 8 only on 1500 and they are just mind blowing the capability of these things. They can get low hz probably around 20-24 out of an 8. These blow my previous 8s sound quality out of the water, and all of this for $70 less than a sundown. I’d say it is up to if not surpassing sundown for the price and quality. The seals for the box are very solid just didn’t line up with the screw hole perfectly but didn’t have any issue putting in my box and get running within a few hours of getting them. I’d recommend CT sound meso series to anybody.

Meso 10

The best I have used so far I'm running them to a 3500 rms amp and they take it like a pro

Great buy

After blowing some kicker comp, I purchased this ct speakers, they sound way better and half price of the kickers, don't hesitate to buy

Sub woofer box

Have not install yet as car is still in build stage. On the bench the system is going to rock the VW bug it's going in for sure.

Right price, Fast service.

Guess there’s not much to say about a square box. There’s no words in the pdf. I’m just not good with wooden things. I could have used a little more direction but that’s just me. Very nice package. I will definitely have CT Sounds on speed dial. That’s a rare honor.

AT Bass Knob

This knob is bad ass. Im able to see the voltage being used.


I bought this amp a while back as a temporary amp until I run my h/o alt, big 3, and second battery for my ct 2000watt amp and 1k 4ch amp, and my gosh does this little thing put out power, bare with me on the setup the boxes and trunk floor insulation is temporary, this thing moves air tho!! I've had it anywhere from 16hz to 35 hz no problem (Tuned) 👍 highly recommend. GO CT SOUNDS TEAM!!!

MESO65-4 // 250 Watts RMS 6.5” Midrange Speaker

mind blowing sound

These speakers are so loud and clean. You can here the singer breathing. The lows move your hair.!!!!!!!!!! I call that soundgasm.!!!

Best brand sounds awesome

Best subwoofer on the market

Love them

I have 2 CT sounds Stratos 12-in d2 paired with a JP 23 V2 and they're wired at 0.5


Fantastic response to order and sounds fantastic with the hydro 10s in a truck box

So far so good, but I haven't installed it yet, butI'm looking forward to hearing it, along with everything else I've purchased from CT Sounds.

they look incredible

I haven't installed it yet because I'm preparing my drawer and acquiring all its accessories, but I'll upload a video when everything is ready...