MESO-6-5-3WAY-COM // Meso 6.5 Inch 500 Watt 3-Way Component Speaker Set
MESO-6-5-3WAY-COM // Meso 6.5 Inch 500 Watt 3-Way Component Speaker Set
MESO-6-5-3WAY-COM // Meso 6.5 Inch 500 Watt 3-Way Component Speaker Set
MESO-6-5-3WAY-COM // Meso 6.5 Inch 500 Watt 3-Way Component Speaker Set
MESO-6-5-3WAY-COM // Meso 6.5 Inch 500 Watt 3-Way Component Speaker Set
MESO-6-5-3WAY-COM // Meso 6.5 Inch 500 Watt 3-Way Component Speaker Set

MESO-6-5-3WAY-COM // Meso 6.5 Inch 500 Watt 3-Way Component Speaker Set

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It’s no surprise the CT Sounds Meso components have been a best-selling product of CT Sounds for years. The Meso 6.5” 3-way component speakers are custom engineered to bring you the highest tonal accuracy by providing a well-balanced experience of rich tones from powerful mid-bass to snappy highs.

The 6.5-inch component woofer features a fiberglass cone and nitrile butadiene rubber surround which allows the 6.5 component speaker to deliver top notch sound quality and mid-bass to your vehicle. The 3.5-inch midrange speaker features a fiberglass cone, nitrile butadiene rubber surround, and a neodymium motor assembly which will have your music heard from several blocks away. To finish the equation, the 1-inch silk dome tweeters are suspended in ferrofluid with a N38H motor assembly to provide an accurate reproduction of your favorite tracks. These 25mm silk-dome tweeters are housed in a brushed aluminum flush mount bracket to keep your ride looking sharp.

If you want to play your music loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear, then look no further than the Meso 6.5” 3-Way Component Speaker Set.

Quick Facts:
RMS Power: 250 Watts (Pair)
MAX Power: 500 Watts (Pair)
Speaker Type: 6.5" 3-Way Component
Voice Coil Configuration: Single 4-Ohm
  • 6.5” 3-Way Car Component Speaker Set
  • Power per speaker set: 125W RMS | 250W MAX
  • Total system power: 250W RMS | 500W MAX
  • Voice Coil Configuration: Single 4-Ohm
  • 1.4” EISV Voice Coil
  • Fiberglass Cone
  • Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Surround
  • Aluminum Basket
  • 25mm Silk-Dome Tweeter
  • 3-Way Component Speaker Set Includes:
    • (2) 6.5” Midrange Woofers
    • (2) 3.5” Neo Midrange Woofers
    • (2) 25mm Silk-Dome Tweeters
    • (2) 18 dB Passive Crossover Networks
    • Screws and Mounting Brackets
    • Premium Wire For Easy Installation
    • Speaker Grilles for 6.5” and 3.5” Midrange Woofers
6.5" Woofer Specifications:
Voice Coil Size: 1.4"
Sweep Voltage: 11 V
Output SPL (@1w/1m): 89 dB
X-Over Point: 2.8 kHz
Resonant Frequency: 65 Hz
Frequency Response: 50 Hz - 4.5 kHz
Magnet Weight: 21 Oz
Magnet Type: Ferrite
3" Mid-range Woofer Specifications:
Power per Speaker: 30W (RMS) | 60W (MAX)
Total System Power: 60W (RMS) | 120W (MAX)
Output SPL (@1w/1m): 88 dB
X-Over Point: 2.5 kHz
Resonant Frequency: 65 Hz
Frequency Response: 300 Hz ~ 1500 Hz
Magnet Weight: 1.9 Oz
Magnet Type: Neo
Tweeter Specifications:
Sweep Voltage: 2.8 V
Output SPL (@1w/1m): 90 dB
Frequency Response: 1500 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Tweeter Size: 25mm
Tweeter Type: Silk-dome
Magnet Type: Neo
Crossover Specifications:
Crossover Circuit: 5.6 μF capacitor / 100 V
Filter for Woofer: 12 dB
Filter for Mid-range: 18 dB
Filter for Tweeter: 12 dB
Mounting info
6.5” Woofer Mounting Specifications:
Overall Diameter: 6.75"
Cutout Diameter: 5.70"
Magnet Diameter: 4.17"
Magnet Height: 1.22"
Mounting Depth: 2.87"
Overall Height: 3.10"
3” Mid-range Woofer Mounting Specifications:
Overall Diameter: 3.56"
Cutout Diameter: 2.87"
Magnet Diameter: 2.03"
Mounting Depth: 1.62"
Tweeter Mounting Specifications:
Overall Diameter: 2.12"
Cutout Diameter: 1.75"
Mounting Depth: 0.75"
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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Christopher Simpson
6.5 set

Fast delivery love it. Now what I do have a problem with is the fact that CTSounds doesn’t sale spools of wire and what happened to the team amps like 3k 4K and the 7k team amps. I’ve been trying to buy a 7k for a year now and no luck. Please help my whole system in my 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 mega cab dually is all CTSounds except my bass amp.

Greg Ford
Look amazing

I have yet to install the set as it is for a future project. But the set looks amazing. Appear to be very well built and made from top quality materials. Came nicely shipped and packaged. Can't wait to get them installed and system tuned!

Very happy!

I have had a set of y’all components in the past. I felt the tweeter was way to bright for my liking. I wanted a 3 way set and the price and the build quality looked great. So I took a chance on them. I love sound of my new 3 ways!

Joe M.
Keep Amazing me day in day out

I’ve had these for a few months now. I gave an initial review then and said they were great. That statement is true even now. You always know you need to break in a sub and it takes a while, I never really had a pair of mids and highs that need that as well. About a month in these things WOKE UP I’m putting a good 80-100 watts to them and OMG. There are many times I turn my sub off and still get surprised at how full these sound. I have my amp giving the 55-60 hertz and up and even on heavy bass they don’t fold. Usually mids will start to loose control on lows but these guy are little subs in your door. Do yourself a favor and click buy!

2020 Challenger RT

All - I saw a review on a bunch of sites by one guy with a Challenger who went with CT Sounds… he said they are his favorite speakers after trying a bunch of brands. I’m in the same boat. I’ve tried a bunch of brands, spent a bunch of money, and it was just okay. I gambled with CT Sounds and couldn’t be happier!! I spent a quarter the cost and got better sound. I’m running a CT-LC2, CT400.1, CT150.4, Tropo Loaded 8”, 2 sets of Meso 3-ways, and a shitty off brand 3.5” since CT Sounds doesn’t make a 3.5”. I haven’t installed the Meso 3-ways in the doors yet but the rest is in and I’m blown away! This isn’t some BS hype cause I got free shit.. No straight up there shit hits hard and loud. I haven’t even turned it all the way up. There’s still 65% left. I cruise with the windows down at 70 mph and it’s loud, crisp, and sounds amazing. It’s way more than I can say for those other brands! I don’t even have it tuned yet. Out of the box hands down the best you can get for your dollar. I can’t say enough. To top it off the customer service is the best! I through up some pictures. If you have questions about my install, [****]. If you have product questions [****], there customer service is the shit!