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About Us

 CT Sounds is a trademark of Thedinger Distribution, LLC

We make it a point to constantly and consistently exceed your expectations.

CT Sounds is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of expressing yourself in conjunction with your favorite past time. We strive on connecting with all walks of life and most importantly, we have fun while doing so. We exist not only to let you hear audio, but experience it. When CEO and founder Coleman Thedinger was only 18 years old he had a vision to create an audio brand that worked outside the fold. A company that wasn’t afraid to take the road less traveled and create innovative ways to ascend to a level not seen by any other audio brand. We make it a point to constantly and consistently exceed your expectations. Our team consists of passionate and dedicated individuals who are willing to break from the norm. CT Sounds is here to innovate and create. We would love you to be apart of it.

Mission Statement

CT Sounds is dedicated to bringing you high quality products coupled with superior customer satisfaction. We leave no stone un-turned and provide excellent support for our variety of products. More than a manufacturer, CT Sounds is direct support of both car show and audio competition scene. It’s about the direct connection with you, our CT Family!


Our Story

In 2008 at 16 years old Coleman Thedinger (Founder of CT Sounds) fell in love with car audio and set out on a journey to learn as much as he could as quickly as possible. He began to frequent many online car audio forums such as Steve Meade Designs,, and Car Audio Classifieds under the username "cthedinger".

By the beginning of 2009 Coleman had tried every major car audio brand on the market, everything from Kicker to Q-Power to Power Acoustik to Memphis Car Audio. After trying many brands he found an up and coming brand called DC Audio and began to use their products to compete in USACi Car Audio SPL Competitions going to as many car shows as he possibly could, traveling thousands of miles every year to attend these shows. He started his own Car Audio Team called Team Tex-Flex, which had around 30 members all from Texas. 



He was rebuilding his sound system at least once every month. By the end of the year, he had more than 15 different setups in his car. During this time he was buying and reselling car audio products, doing system installation and building custom boxes for his friends and people he met through the online car audio forums he frequented. At this point, his whole life revolved around car audio but it left him wanting more.

 So, in 2010 Coleman decided to start his own online car audio forum called Down South Bass Productions. Keep in mind this was back before Facebook Groups and Instagram existed so online message boards where the only place to communicate with like-minded Car Audio enthusiasts, show off your system and seek advice. 



Later in 2010 I opened my first eCommerce store and began selling sound deadener made by called Audio Wrap, a new company to the market from Colorado. This was the first product I had real success selling. While selling for Audio Wrap I noticed a need for similar product in the market, so I decided to start my own brand dubbed Audio Technix. 

In the beginning of 2011, we received our first pallet of product. I was lucky enough to know someone locally with a warehouse who was kind enough to let me store the pallet in a small 4' x 4' section of his warehouse. I drove to the warehouse every day to pick up product to ship out at the UPS store.

At this time the 2 products we were selling were manufactured in the U.S. In May of 2011 I moved into my first house. I began storing and shipping products from my garage.

June 2011

September 2011

This freed up a lot of my time because UPS began making daily pickups at my house where the products were nowing being stored, so I no longer had to drive to my friends warehouse then take them to the UPS store. I began to study, research, and learn as much as I could about manufacturing. I wanted to expand into car audio wiring so I started my search to source a good quality wiring factory in China. By December I had placed my first order of wiring products from overseas.

After much hard work in 2011, 2012 was set up to be my best year yet!
In February 2012 I bought a very small time subwoofer company called Atmos Audio; they had only produced 20 woofers total because the owner ran out of money. In March we placed our first two subwoofer orders.


We received our first wiring shipment in May 2012!

After that, we moved into our first warehouse at the end of May (1250 sq. ft. facility).


In June of 2012 we received 9 pallets of bad product from our US manufacturer. After many messed up orders from them I decided it was time to switch (took a 30% loss on the bad product). I sourced a new manufacturer which happened to be in Korea, and upon receiving that product shipment, I was never so pleased as then. Finally, a good quality sound deadening product for me to sell again!

In September I began to look for amplifier manufacturers. In October 2012, I developed a concept for a new bass knob that we thought would completely change the amplifier market.


After waiting for what felt like forever we received our Exo (2500 watt RMS) motors in November. In December we received our entry level subwoofers, the Tropo and Strato series. In December we also placed our first order of amplifiers for Audio Technix, the 400.1 and 800.1.


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