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    High Quality Car Audio Amplifiers

    Take your car entertainment experience to a new level with these stylish car audio amplifiers from CT Sounds that work as good as they look. These amplifiers have been designed keeping the modern buyer in mind. They offer high quality amplification that suits all your speakers alike without cracking up the voice.

    We have a vivid range of amplifiers to suit your needs. Choose amplifiers that have up to 4 Channel support and 900W RMS. We have mid range amplifiers that support 2 Channel amp for a range between 200W and 680W as well. These amplifiers can be controlled with special knobs that are provided with the set itself so that you don’t have to purchase separately.

    We also have monoblock car amplifiers and subwoofer amplifier for your car. These can be great choices who take their car audio real seriously as they provide a real immersive experience.

    Enjoy the sweet value-for-money feeling when you shop with us as durable material such as Nitrile Butadiene Rubber and Y30 graded Ferrite Magnets go into the making of our products. Check out all the options and find your best match. Socialize with us on our growing networking platforms and share your experience.

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