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ATv2-2300.1d // 2500 Watt RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier

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The CT Sounds ATv2-2300.1d monoblock class d car amplifier will deliver the power you need to destroy the competition in the SPL lanes. Rated at 13.2v, this monoblock amplifier will deliver over 2500 watts RMS power at 1 ohm. The car monoblock amplifier is strappable (slave/master switch) so that you can get more power output should your system require it.

Engineered to be the best in its class, the amplifier uses an advanced PCB board featuring Korean capacitors, MOSFET pulse width modulated power supply, high-quality transformers, and cutting-edge inductors. The amplifier comes equipped with a 4-way protection circuitry along with reverse polarity protection. 

The plexiglass backing illuminated LED CT Sounds logo, and white chassis give this amplifier an unbeatable appearance. Variable adjustment controls feature gains, subsonic, bass boost, low pass filter, and phase settings so you can get the exact sound you are looking for out of your amplifier. Included with the amplifier is the highly demanded AT Series On/Off Bass Knob which not only lets you adjust the bass boost but also displays your system voltage.

Quick Facts:
RMS Power: 1Ω @ 13.2v 2300 Watts x 1-Channel
RMS Power: 2Ω @ 13.2v 1200 Watts x 1-Channel
RMS Power: 4Ω @ 13.2v 650 Watts x 1-Channel
Power & Ground Input Size: 0 Gauge
Speaker Input Size: 8 Gauge

Technical specifications:

  1. Monoblock Class D Amplifier
  2. Strappable: Yes; Master/Slave switch
  3. RMS Power at 1 Ohm: 2300 Watts x 1-Channel (13.2v)
  4. RMS Power at 2 Ohm: 1200 Watts x 1-Channel (13.2v)
  5. RMS Power at 4 Ohm: 650 Watts x 1-Channel (13.2v)
  6. Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 250 Hz
  7. Subsonic Filter: 10 Hz - 50 Hz
  8. Low Pass Filter: 35 Hz - 250 Hz
  9. Signal to Noise Ratio: 90 dB
  10.  Bass Boost: 0 dB - 18 dB
  11.  Bass Boost Frequency: 50 Hz
  12. Input Impedance: 30k ohms
  13. Operation Voltage: 9V - 16V
  14.  Minimum Speaker Impedance: 1 Ohm
  15. Bass knob: AT Series Bass Knob included (Remote gain control, clip light indicator, built in voltmeter & push-able on/off switch)

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