FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $50 and FAST & EASY Returns on ALL Orders
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    Key Things to Know About Our Shipping Process:

    • Orders are typically delivered in 3-7 business days
    • We ship orders from more than 50 different warehouses
    • Orders of more than 1 pcs may be shipped seperately
    • Items may be shipped from different locations and carriers
    • Rest assure your order is being processed and is on it's way
    • You may not receive a tracking number until the day before delivery¬†


    Do not worry if:

    • You don't receive a tracking number immediately¬†
    • You receive your order and items are missing
    • It has been less than 7 business days and you have not received your order


    What do I do if:

    • It has been 7 business days and you have not received a tracking number or your full order
    • Your order arrives and the item is damaged
    • You recieve the wrong items
    • You recieve the wrong qty

    If any of the above issues happen send us an email at - please include your order number and be as detailed as possible in your initial email so we can resolve any issue you have as quickly as possible


    Shipping Policy and Process Explained:

    We use over 50 different warehouses across the US that we use to ship orders. We use a unique way of shipping to ensure items reach our customers as quickly as possible while being cost effective. Often times we use multiple carriers to ship a single order because of this we do not provide the customer with a tracking number until the final carrier that will be delivering the order has the package. Tracking numbers are often not sent out until the day before or even the day of delivery so if you have not recieved a tracking number that does not mean your order is not already on the way. If you do not have your full order within 7 business day of placing your order please email  



    If you need to return or warranty a product you can do so at anytime by opening a claim at the link below: 


    **Keep in mind that Holidays may cause a minor delays in shipping times for some orders.