ATv2-1400.1d // 1800 Watt RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier
ATv2-1400.1d // 1800 Watt RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier
ATv2-1400.1d // 1800 Watt RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier
ATv2-1400.1d // 1800 Watt RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier
ATv2-1400.1d // 1800 Watt RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier
ATv2-1400.1d // 1800 Watt RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier

ATv2-1400.1d // 1800 Watt RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier

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The CT Sounds ATv2-1400.1d monoblock car amplifier delivers the power you need to destroy the competition in the SPL lanes. While most manufacturers rate their amps at 14.4v, we designed an amp that produces 1500 watts in the low 13v as most users do not achieve 14.4v from their electrical system. If you want to send 1500-watt power to your sub(s); this amp will provide more bump than the competition's 1500-watt amp rated at 14.4v.

Quick Facts:
RMS Power @ 1Ω (14.4v): 1800 Watts x 1-Ch
RMS Power @ 1Ω (13.2v): 1400 Watts x 1-Ch
Power & Ground Input Size: 0 Gauge
Bass Knob Included? Yes

The amplifier’s most unique feature is the “head unit/bass knob” switch. When it’s set to “head unit” - the head unit turns the amplifier ON/OFF. When it’s set to “bass knob” - the bass knob turns the amplifier ON/OFF. Feeling under the weather with a headache? Want to listen to a podcast? You probably don’t want your sub(s) booming away in the background - set the switch to “bass knob” and turn off your bass amplifier at any point while driving. By default, the amplifier will turn OFF with your vehicle in both “head unit” or “bass knob” mode.

In addition to the many variable adjustment controls (gain, subsonic filter, bass boost, low pass filter, phase) the amplifier features a slave/master switch if you wish to strap (2) amplifiers to achieve double the power at 2 ohms. Finally, the one-of-a-kind amplifier has a plexiglass backing, illuminated blue LED logo, and white chassis; you’ll have the amp that all your friends wished they had!

AT Series Bass Knob Included:
Continuously-Variable Input Gain Control
Remote Turn-On / Turn-Off Circuit ✔️
MOSFET Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply ✔️
Soft Turn-On Circuit ✔️
High Voltage / Low Voltage Protection Circuit
Thermal and Speaker Short Protection Circuit ✔️
LED Power and Protection Indicators
Nickle Plated Tiffany Style RCAs
Bass Knob Features:
AT Series Bass Knob: 1. Remote Gain Control
2. Clip Light Indicator
3. Built-In Voltmeter
4. Pushable On/Off Switch
Technical Specifications:
Amplifier Type:
Monoblock Amplifier
Amplifier Circuitry: Class D
Strappable? Yes; Master/Slave Switch
RMS Power @ 1 Ohm:
1400 Watts x 1-Channel (13.2v)
RMS Power @ 2 Ohm:
850 Watts x 1-Channel (13.2v)
RMS Power @ 4 Ohm (Bridged):
450 Watts x 1-Channel (13.2v)
Recommended Fuse:
Power & Ground Input Size:
0 Gauge
Speaker Input Size:
8 Gauge
Gain Adjustment:
0.19v - 5v
Low Pass Filter (LPF):
35 Hz - 250 Hz
Subsonic Filter (HPF):
10 Hz - 50 Hz
Bass Boost:
0 dB - 18 dB
Bass Boost Frequency:
50 Hz
Phase Adjustment:
0° - 180°
Frequency Response:
10 Hz - 250 Hz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio (S/N):
90 dB
Damping Factor:
Input Impedance:
30 Kohms
Input Sensitivity:
190 mV
Operating Voltage:
9v - 16v
Minimum Impedance:
1 ohm

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Casey B.
In love

Best sound. I am in love

Vernon J. (St Louis, MO)
AT1400.1D Amplifier / Bass Nob

Love the Amp great output really woke my 8inch subwoofers up Hopefully I don't tear my truck apart lol. My Voltage display is Not working properly on the bass nob but Ct Sounds is sending me a new one will purchase products again.

C.J. (New Orleans, LA)
Easily best amp for the price on the market.

I use to have my db drive g2 12 running off at 2000k2g amp and it always over heated on me. I upgraded and got another db drive g2 12, then upgraded to the db drive 3000k3g amp and it over headed just like the older one. Ended up ordering this bad boy here from ct sounds and really couldn’t afford the best amp at the time. I ordered this one and my 12s finna blast out the box with gain barely up!!! Wanted to upgrade to a better amp later on but I found it on accident thanks ct sound and I’ll be doing all other upgrading through y’all!! Ps… base knob with voltage meter kicks ass !

Miguel C. (Wildomar, CA)

Got it installed it loved it I would recommend CT it has good products I will keep buying CT the sound is amazing thank u for great sound

James R. (Chicago, IL)

ATv2-1400.1d // 1800 Watt RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier