Subwoofer Box Design 101


Birch vs MDF: 3x Stronger & 40% Lighter

There are key advantages for using Birch wood. Birch has a much higher Modulus of Elasticity (stress to strain ratio) making it 3 times stronger than MDF. Many manufactures use Chinese MDF, which is even weaker and softer than conventional MDF. Customers also love the weight reduction. Weighing 40% less, Birch is ideal for both the performance and fuel economy minded. Although Birch is an ideal material for a quality subwoofer box, the price of birch is usually 2x the price of MDF.


T/S Parameters: The “DNA” of Subwoofers

Each of our enclosures is engineered using the T/S Parameters (electromechanical measurements) of the subwoofer(s). These are the unique characteristics that determine how it will sound and perform.  For example, the strength of a magnet (motor) is called the “BL” and is measured in Tesla Meters. The “FS” is the specific frequency at which all moving parts of the speaker resonate or sympathize. The “Xmax” is the actual linear distance the cone travels, also known as “excursion”. Our full understanding of T/S Parameters and years of real world experience will unlock the full potential of your subwoofer system. We will find the T/S Parameters for you; simply give us the model of the subwoofer(s), and we will take care of the rest.


Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Pre-fab's

Any seasoned audio enthusiast will tell you "It's all about the box." Experience 2-4 times the output of any pre-made speaker box on the market. Pre-made speaker boxes (pre-fab's) are generic, structurally weak, poorly tuned, and below recommended airspace. A subwoofer in a prefab enclosure will perform poorly overall in frequency response but especially on the "super-low" bass found in today's music (below 40 Hertz). This results in a very "muddy" and "boomy" sound, not to mention a complete loss of bass in half of your music collection. Remember: a subwoofer will only sound as good as it's enclosure, regardless of how deep your pockets are. Don’t be a victim of the small ports!


Ported Enclosures = More Output & Control

Subwoofers radiate sound waves in both directions, Front and Rear. Without a box these sound waves cancel out each other (interference). A sealed box separates these sound waves by trapping the Rear Wave allowing the Front Wave to pressurize your listening environment (vehicle cabin). A properly tuned ported enclosure will reverse the Rear Wave to match the Front Wave. Just like a subwoofer, the properly tuned port acts as a radiating surface. This significant increase in output and control over the woofer makes our custom enclosures extremely efficient.

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