Preview of the New CT Sounds Strato 3-Way Components

by Coleman Thedinger
Here is a quick preview of the NEW CT Sounds Strato 3-Way Component Speaker Set!     Make sure to post a comment below with what you think!

CT Sounds Partners with Return Magic to Offer New Return & Warranty Center!

by Coleman Thedinger
Hello all CT Sounds Supporters!   I have some exciting news!! There have been some complaints about issues when it comes to return products a...

CT Sounds Partners with Clyde to Offer Extended Product Coverage

by Coleman Thedinger
CT Sounds has partnered with Clyde to offer extended product coverage and warranties. You can now add a 1-Year, 2-Year, or 3-Year product coverage ...

The utility of Car Subwoofer

by Alexander Dmitriev
The utility of Car Subwoofer Subwoofers are the largemouth bass. It is the actual volume and the  beauty. Probably it is a ridiculous element of yo...

Selecting and optimizing the sound with Car Subwoofer packages

by Tanjeen Zaman
Optimize the sound with Car Subwoofer packages In the event that you are looking at optimizing the actual sound of the car's sound, you should look...

Car Subwoofer, things to consider!

by Chelsea Lunsford
Car subwoofer The car subwoofer may  change your own hearing encounter. There are many vehicle subwoofers are available on the market; exactly what...

Car Subwoofer Packages

by Chelsea Lunsford
Car subwoofer packages Standard vehicle sound system possesses little loudspeakers along with the restricted capability to recreate the low-frequen...

Classes of Car Audio Amplifiers

by Mohammad Al amin
Classes of Car Audio Amplifier Various amplifiers have various styles that accomplish the same (amplifying the music signal), however, accomplish t...

What is a big 3 upgrade and what does it do?

by Coleman Thedinger
What is a big 3 upgrade and what does it do?  The Big 3 upgrade does in the following ways, these are:   Optimizes the overall performance from th...

How to install BIG 3 upgrade

by Mohammad Kamruzzaman
How to install Big 3 upgrade The Big 3 upgrade enhances your own automobiles getting a program, providing all its electric gear the present it req...

How do I know if I should do the big 3 upgrade?

by Praveen Samadhiya
How do I know if I should do the big 3 upgrade? A great, as well as cost-effective enhancement, would be to carry out the actual "Big 3" electri...

Car Subwoofer Amplifier

by Tanjeen Zaman
Amplifiers are an electronic device which has a tiny small sound transmission from the pre-amp, a few energy out of your electric battery and moves...


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1811 reviews
15" ground shaker box

The box is actually 2.80 cu ft but it still sounds good my sub needed 2.25 cu ft. My box came in 5 days. I would recommend this box


I’m pleased with them gives my car a little pop to the eye

6.5 component speakers

I’m very pleased with the quality

I haven't hooked them up yet

Tropo 10” d2

The speaker came packaged nicely. Opened and the sub was more than I expected best built and best sounding sub I have owned can’t wait to purchase more ct sound products!!!