CT Sounds Partners with Clyde to Offer Extended Product Coverage

CT Sounds Partners with Clyde to Offer Extended Product Coverage

CT Sounds has partnered with Clyde to offer extended product coverage and warranties. You can now add a 1-Year, 2-Year, or 3-Year product coverage plan to each of your products at the time of check out! We at CT Sounds offer a 90-Day Limited Warranty on all Brand New items purchased from the www.ctsounds.com website, our manufacture warranty does not cover user error like the majority of all companies but the product coverage we are currently selling does currently cover accidental damage! Adding this extra product coverage ensure that if something goes wrong with your item whether it is an accident, your fault, or defect with the product that you will get a replacement unit! It is very affordable and covers pretty much everything including accidental damage. The screenshot below is the current price for coverage on our T-1000.1 amplifier. Check the description for instructions on how to add the product coverage to each of your items.

Below the add to cart button on each product page is a Clyde product coverage table.



Click the year range you want before you add the product to your cart. The year amount of product coverage you select should turn black like the image attached. After selecting the product coverage you want, hit add to cart and it will add the product along with the product coverage to your cart.  





If you forget to add the product coverage to the product you can always add it to the product in your shopping cart. See the image for your reference.  




Make sure your cart looks like the attached before checking out to ensure you added product coverage to your product and that your product is covered. Each product and QTY should have a corresponding Clyde protection plan in your cart along with the matching QTY.  


Thanks again to all of our loyal customers for your support!

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask! We are here to help! We have added 4 additional customer service representatives to our company in the last few weeks along with a new customer service management software so we can provide the best and fastest customer service possible! We even offer live chat support now! 



** Please note that this coverage MUST be purchased at the time of original purchase and cannot be added to your order after the fact (These terms are subject to change so always check the contract details before purchase.) If you are still in the 90-Day manufacture warranty period email us at warranty@ctsounds.com and we would be happy to help!

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