Car Audio Education

Car Audio Fuses || What size fuse should I use?

by Coleman Thedinger
There’s no understating the importance of fuses in your car audio setup. Installing the correct size of fuse is just as important as having one in the first place, so let’s go over some fuse basics, and then we’ll explain how to choose the correct size for your car audio installation.

Car Audio Clipping || What is it and what causes it?

by Coleman Thedinger
Every now and then, you want to hear some distortion in your music, like a chugging rhythm guitar or a face-melting solo. Distortion can sound great when it is intentional. The rest of the time, hearing distortion means something is wrong. Clipping is a common type of unintentional distortion, so let’s go over exactly how you can identify it, why it happens, and how to fix it.

Subwoofer Break in Period || Fiction or Fact?

by Coleman Thedinger
Whether you’ve upgraded your entire car audio system, or you have simply added a new subwoofer, chances are that you can’t wait to hop into your vehicle, go for a cruise, and experience your newfound sonic potential. But not so fast…

Car Audio Electrical || It's time to upgrade your electrical if...

by Coleman Thedinger
How do I know when I should upgrade my car's electical system?   When upgrading the stock audio equipment in your car to aftermarket gear, you’re g...

Coax vs Component Speakers || What is the difference? || Which is right for me?

by Coleman Thedinger
You’ll come across a number of different types of speakers when you start to plan your car audio system, and we’re going to be covering two groups of them. The two broad categories we’re comparing are coaxial speakers and component speakers.

Class AB VS Class D Amplifiers || Which one is right for me?

by Coleman Thedinger
When it comes to amplifiers for your car audio system, there are several different classes to choose from. Two of the most popular options are class AB and class D amplifiers. In order to compare these two, we’ll quickly put them into context of two other types, and then we’ll zero in and help you choose the right type of amplifier to meet your wants, your needs, and your audio goals.

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