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If you are looking out for a 5.25" full range set of speakers, check out the CT Sounds Meso 5.25 Inch Full Range Car Audio Component Speakers Set. This full range set speakers includes fiberglass cone with NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) surround, enabling you to experience sheer quality audio that you’ve been craving for. The Meso 5.25" component speakers provide a well balanced & rich tones experience. If you are thinking of having some decent bass in your vehicle, give this full range set a try with a perfect amplifier & check if you really need a separate subwoofer or not!


Whats in the box:

    • 2 x Meso 5.25" speaker
    • 2 x 25mm Silk dome tweeters
    • 2 x ABS boxed crossovers
    • Tweeter mounting pods


      1. Each speaker has fiberglass cone, NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) surround & PC+NOMEX spider with 6mm top plate and 5mm back plate
      2. Speakers has a 1.4" (dia) voice coil
      3. Y30 ferrite magnet
      4. Each 25mm silk-dome tweeter is covered with silver chrome plated face grille with metal mesh and is attached with Copper Clad Aluminium Wire pair (CCAW)
      5. Each crossover circuit box has dark clear top cover with the CT Sounds logo printed on top of it

      Technical Specifications:

      1. Speaker size: 5.25"
      2. Speaker type: Component
      3. Impedance per woofer+tweeter system: 4-Ohm
      4. Power per set of woofer+tweeter system: 50W (RMS) | 100W (MAX)
      5. Total system power: 100W (RMS) | 200W (MAX)


          1. Rated impedance: 4Ω (Ohms)
          2. Sweep voltage: 12V
          3. Output SPL (@1w/1m): 88dB
          4. Resonant frequency: 91Hz
          5. Frequency response (@SPL -10dB): 50Hz ~ 20kHz
          6. Magnet size: 100mm x 20mm
          7. Magnet weight: 21 Oz
          8. Magnet type: Y30 ferrite


          1. Rated impedance: 4Ω (Ohms)
          2. Sweep voltage: 2.8V
          3. Output SPL (@1w/1m): 92dB
          4. Frequency response (@SPL -10dB): 800Hz ~ 20kHz
          5. Tweeter size (diameter): 25 mm
          6. Tweeter type: Silk-dome with metal mesh & face grille
          7. Magnet type: Neo


            1. Crossover circuit: 5.6μF capacitor / 100V
            2. Filter for woofer: 6dB
            3. Filter for tweeter: 12dB

            Mounting / Installation Parameters:

              1. Cutout diameter: 118mm / 4.7"
              2. Outer diameter: 158mm / 6.2"
              3. Mounting depth: 67mm / 2.6"
              Meso 5.25 Inch Component Set
              $119.99 $149.99

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