Dual 10 Inch VENTED Subwoofer Box Design

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A PDF of the blueprint (box design) will be emailed in approximately 30 minutes  after you order. If you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder or contact us at hello@ctsounds.com.

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There are many different ways to customize a subwoofer box. For the latest collaboration between CT Sounds and myself I, Mark of CarAudioFabrication decided to try another approach to modifying the front baffle of the subwoofer box. In this case I wanted to hide the mounting hardware and mounting flange of the subwoofers with using an easily removable front baffle.

To start the process I began with carefully following the design that is available for download of the Dual 10” Bio Series Subwoofer Box. I cut each piece to spec with slight modifications to the front baffle pieces.

These modifications were to use a different hole size for the outer baffle. In the design the second baffle cutout is designed to surround the overall diameter of the subwoofer. In my case rather than cutting a circle that would fit around the overall flange of the subwoofer I sized it to fit around just the subwoofer surround. With using a rabbeting router bit I was able to notch the second baffle piece to allow for clearance so that the baffle can sit flush against the subwoofer mounting baffle, yet conceal the flange of the subwoofer itself. I also added ball and socket style fasteners to join the two baffles together, but provide the ability for them to be easily separated in the event that maintenance needs to be performed on the box.

I used a “Bull Nose” router bit to add unique profiles to the front of the box. These profiles will add a unique accent once the baffle is wrapped with vinyl.

With these modifications to the original design complete I then assembled the subwoofer box. I am always sure to use plenty of wood glue and to completely cover each joining surface.

Once the box was assembled it was time to apply upholstery glue and wrap the baffle in vinyl, and the box in carpet. When using upholstery adhesive be sure to cover both surfaces, allow the glue to fully dry, and then begin wrapping. I use a wooden roller to firmly secure the fabric to the wooden surfaces. After carefully wrapping the subwoofer box and baffle I added a finishing touch of some grill cloth to the port entrance. This will help to prevent anything from accidentally entering the port.

With these steps complete I was then able to wire the Bio subwoofers, secure them into the box and then snap the second baffle in position over the subwoofers. This box turned out great, has a unique design and sounds awesome!

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Exactly what I was looking for

Manuel Melendez

great box plans sounds great ty

Gary Christie
Sub bod build

This box works well. Hits extremely hard for 2- 10’s

amir lepir

Dual 10 Inch VENTED Subwoofer Box Design

Blue prints

Easy and precise directions, Thanks.