CT1X12 // Single 12” Kerf Port Universal Car Subwoofer Box
CT1X12 // Single 12” Kerf Port Universal Car Subwoofer Box
CT1X12 // Single 12” Kerf Port Universal Car Subwoofer Box
CT1X12 // Single 12” Kerf Port Universal Car Subwoofer Box
CT1X12 // Single 12” Kerf Port Universal Car Subwoofer Box
CT1X12 // Single 12” Kerf Port Universal Car Subwoofer Box
CT1X12 // Single 12” Kerf Port Universal Car Subwoofer Box

CT1X12 // Single 12” Kerf Port Universal Car Subwoofer Box

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The CT Sounds CT1X12 is a single 12-inch empty car subwoofer box engineered for maximum bass response and low-frequency reproduction. The kerf-style port, universal fit, poly-filled lined internal walls, and 11.34” cutout diameter make this pre-fabricated 12” subwoofer enclosure compatible with a wide variety of subwoofer brands on the market. Its kerf-style port, typically only seen in custom enclosures, will “unhide” the missing bass in your system and have your subwoofer playing deeper and more accurately.

The CT1X12 subwoofer box was constructed using some of the most advanced joinery practices - dado joints connect the exterior left/right wood pieces to the exterior back/top/bottom wood pieces by a groove, and miter joints connect the corners of the box by cutting the wood at a 45-degree angle. These joinery practices ensure maximum surface contact and eliminate any concern for vibration. Additionally, the recessed side panels further enhance the air-tight, vibration-free construction design.

To finish the equation, the subwoofer box is wrapped in a premium-grade black carpet with a flush-mounted black terminal cup. The terminal cup features 8-gauge push-terminals labeled with red & black stickers identifying positive and negative connections. Internally, the subwoofer box comes with 12-gauge speaker wires that are pre-soldered to the terminal cup creating a true plug-n-play product offering.

General Specifications:
Subwoofer Box Size: Single 12"
Subwoofer Box Type: Empty Subwoofer Box
Subwoofer Box Style: Kerf Port
Wood Thickness: 3/4"
Wood Material: MDF
Cut-out Diameter: 11.34"
Mounting Depth: 13.50"
Subwoofer Box Specifications:
Gross Volume: 2.13 ft3
Tuning Frequency: 34 Hz
Port Length: 28.43"
Port Width: 1.63"
Kerf Fold Length: 3.93"
Kerf Fold Width: 2.50"
External Dimensions:
Length: 20.25"
Height: 15.00"
Depth (Bottom): 18.72"
Depth (Top): 16.07"
Fit guide
Fit Guide:
TROPO-12: ✔️
OZONE-12: ✔️
TROPO-XL-12: ✔️
STRATO-12: ✔️
MESO-12: ✔️

*When pairing these subwoofer boxes with CT Sounds Subwoofers, you can expect loud on the lows, for the low!

Customer Reviews

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Good value

I bought this enclosure to compare to a competitors. They look similar on the surface but the design and build quality is better with CT Sounds. While it has more air volume, the actual footprint isn't all that much bigger either. The competitor has more of an overhanging lip (unused potential space IMO) on the baffle which makes it have a similar footprint with less air volume. The competitor's pictures don't match their product either. Theirs shows polyfil lining all around, but when you get the box, there's a lot of walls which aren't lined at all. With CT's enclosure, everywhere there's lining in the product images, it matches the enclosure you receive. I put identical drivers (CT-Tropo D2 12) in each enclosure. The CT sounds better, and the DATS has it at 30.28hz tuning, but that's more like 33hz. I'm not sure why, but my DATS always reads a couple hz low when comparing to cone movement & port velocity while playing sine waves. I think 33hz is perfect for a prefab like this. I typically build enclosures but some customers have a lower budget and prefer to keep it simple. For those people, I will be switching to the CT variants when it comes to prefabs. If you're in the market for, and comparing prefabs I think the extra few bucks is worth it to go with CT's offering. They're a great company to do business with and I like the extra efficiency we get from the larger enclosure. You can achieve a similar output with a smaller amplifier so it's easier on your electrical.

Phillip Rattunde

Delivered from TX to Chicago in 2 days, installed my meso into this box and it woke up more then I ever expected.

Richard Martin
Satisfied Customer

Extremely happy with the packaging of the product, I received my order without any damage.
The speaker cabinet is very impressive. The quality and fit and finish are superior to other subwoofer boxes in the same price range. I have not used the box yet, but looking forward to great sound.