Introducing CT Sounds Tropo 12" Free Air D4 Subwoofer which is jampacked of technologies that allows this woofer to maintain performance while keeping your wallet intact. For those looking forward not to having an enclosure but looking for spectacular thumps; this dual 4-ohm infinite baffle sub is the best answer! The high quality components will keep you bumping for years to come. Ascend to the Tropo and be endowed with pulse pounding bass!


Whats in the box:

  • 1 x Tropo 12" Free Air D4 Car Subwoofer (Dual 4 ohm)


  1. It is a dual 4Ω (ohm) resistive (voice coil) subwoofer
  2. This subwoofer takes 450W (RMS) power with 1500W maximum power capacity
  3. Colossal 3” (diameter) voice coil makes this sub truly versatile & powerful irrespective of its size, dimensions and power consumption
  4. It incorporates Y35 graded triple stacked ferrite magnet
  5. The sub has got strong, sturdy and stupendous arm styled basket frame
  6. This sub is designed and tested to give you better SPL

Technical Specifications:

  1. Sub power: 450W (RMS) | 1500W (MAX) 
  2. Subwoofer size: 12"
  3. Subwoofer type/ impedance: Dual 4 ohm
  4. Voice coil (diameter): 3" (76.2mm)
  5. FS: 46.23Hz
  6. QTS: 0.394
  7. QES: 0.425
  8. QMS: 5.506
  9. VAS: 34.008 liters
  10. SPL: 90.9 dB (@ 1w/1m)
  11. Xmax: 12mm
  12. Displacement: 0.132 ft3
  13. Speaker connector: 12 Gauge

Box Specifications:

  1. Sealed: 1.40 ft3

Mounting/Installation Parameters:

  1. Cutout diameter: 282mm / 11.1"
  2. Overall diameter: 314mm / 12.36"
  3. Mounting depth: 133mm / 5.24"
Tropo 12" Free Air D4 Subwoofer

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