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CT Sounds introduces the T-60.4 4-Channel Car Amplifier 320W Amp, a true 4-channel car audio amplifier. Such a nice power amplifier for car audio system can help you to make your vehicular audio environment versatile, sturdy and strong. It helps to create crystal clean audio from all the angles and corners of your vehicle with your quality subs/speakers.


  1. This amp has bridgeable outputs
  2. TRI mode capable (for 3 speakers)
  3. MOSFET PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply
  4. Soft turn on circuitry
  5. Variable input gain control, high-pass & low-pass crossover
  6. Built in thermal, DC offset, overload and speaker short protection
  7. Nickel plated RCAs ensuring low resistance inputs & outputs
  8. LED power and protection indicators
  9. This is a purely Class-AB amplifier

Amplifier Ratings:

  • 2Ω @ 14.4V Stereo, 80W (RMS) | 160W (MAX) x 4-Channels
  • 4Ω @ 14.4V Stereo, 60W (RMS) | 120W (MAX) x 4-Channels
  • 4Ω @ 14.4V Bridged, 160W (RMS) | 320W (MAX) x 2-Channels

Technical Specifications:

  1. No of channel: 4
  2. Frequency response (-3dB): 10Hz ~ 50kHz
  3. Gain adjustment: 0.2v ~ 5v
  4. Channel separation: 50dB
  5. Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
  6. Damping factor: 150
  7. Minimum speaker impedance: 2Ω (ohms)
  8. Low pass filter: 30Hz ~ 300Hz
  9. High pass filter: 30Hz ~ 600Hz
  10. No of fuses: 2 x 20A (each)
  11. Operating voltage (-ve ground): DC 14.4V


  • 181mm (W) x 55mm (H) x 340mm (L)
T-60.4 Amplifier ® [Reservation Fee]

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