T-60.4AB // 320 Watts RMS 4-Channel Car Audio Amplifier

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CT Sounds introduces the T-60.4 4-Channel Car Amplifier 320W Amp, a true 4-channel car audio amplifier. Such a nice power amplifier for car audio system can help you to make your vehicular audio environment versatile, sturdy and strong. It helps to create crystal clean audio from all the angles and corners of your vehicle with your quality subs/speakers.

Quick Facts:
RMS Power: 2Ω @ 14.4v 80 Watts x 4-Channels
RMS Power: 4Ω @ 14.4v 60 Watts x 4-Channels
RMS Power: 4Ω @ 14.4v 160 Watts x 2-Channels Bridged
Power & Ground Input Size: 4 Gauge
Speaker Input Size: 12 Gauge

Technical Specifications:

  1. 4 Channel Class AB Amplifier
  2. RMS Power at 2 Ohm: 80 Watts x 4-Channels (14.4v)
  3. RMS Power at 4 Ohm: 60 Watts x 4-Channels (14.4v)
  4. RMS Power at 4 Ohm: 160 Watts x 2-Channels Bridged (14.4v)
  5. Frequency response (-3dB): 10Hz ~ 50kHz
  6. Gain adjustment: 0.2v ~ 5v
  7. Channel separation: 50dB
  8. Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
  9. Damping factor: 150
  10. Minimum speaker impedance: 2Ω (ohms)
  11. Low pass filter: 30Hz ~ 300Hz
  12. High pass filter: 30Hz ~ 600Hz
  13. No of fuses: 2 x 20A (each)
  14. Operating voltage (-ve ground): DC 14.4V


  • 181mm (W) x 55mm (H) x 340mm (L)


  1. This amp has bridgeable outputs
  2. TRI mode capable (for 3 speakers)
  3. MOSFET PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply
  4. Soft turn on circuitry
  5. Variable input gain control, high-pass & low-pass crossover
  6. Built in thermal, DC offset, overload and speaker short protection
  7. Nickel plated RCAs ensuring low resistance inputs & outputs
  8. LED power and protection indicators
  9. This is a purely Class-AB amplifier

Customer Reviews

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Chad Dunegan

T-60.4AB // 320 Watts RMS 4-Channel Car Audio Amplifier

Jeff Robles

Anticipation. Haven’t had a chance to install, but I have friends that have . They like it I’ll be back to voice my opinion soon. Thanks

Justin Larson
I think I’ve found the brand for me!

Ok… let me just start off by saying — SUPER impressed with this equipment! I got the meso 6.5” 3 way’s, the strato 4” coaxial speakers, a universal ct sounds bass knob with digital voltage readout, and the T-60.4/ 320 watt RMS 4 channel amplifier… and man! I can’t WAIT to get the 4 Meso 8” subs I’m wanting to put in my truck along with all these awesome highs and mids! GREAT product, and even better staff!

Pretty damn good SQ

The short of it: I'm running $2500 worth of drivers off two of these CT amps in an 8 way active system with DSP and have no need or desire to switch them out....longer.....These sound incredible and don't seem to add any coloration to the signal. I can compare them to a Kenwood KAC-314 amp I used to run (similar power/price range) and these CT amps blow it away in clarity. I can also compare it to a Zapco ST-4X (one of their more budget SQ amps @ $275) I have in my wife's Jeep. I "stole" it from her to run my mids and highs since Zap is very highly regarded and I was wanting good vocal clarity. The Zap has a bit more power, but aside from that all I can say is the music sounded different, not better, not worse. Re-tuned and it sounded pretty much the same as when I was running the CT Amp. My ears can't detect the $100 difference. No sense in fixing what's not broken, so I stuck with the CT amps. Only thing to note is they run hot, so if you plan on mounting them in an enclosed space use some PC case fans to give them some airflow.

Bronson Bohannon

Works like it should for component door speakers.