T-2500.1D // 2500 Watts RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier

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The CT Sounds T-2500.1D is a pure Class D car monoblock amplifier where the audio amplification is solely controlled by electronic amplifying switches inside; making the gain much more effective and enthusiastic. Equipped with a MOSFET Pulse Width power supply and Korean capacitors which provides the amplifier with the ability to store more capacity and cover the capacity difference in applications where the amplifier draws more current than is available from the electrical system. The inferior cooling design features a steel chassis, extra silicon, and more insulation between the heat seal and the PCB board.

The newest T-2500.1D model features a larger MOSFET than its prior edition. Furthermore, we have added more holes on the side panel for better heat dissipation. Lastly, the amplifier is equipped with built-in 4-way circuitry protection protecting against high voltage, low voltage, over current, and high-temperature; sleep easy at night knowing your amplifier is protected. Included with the amplifier is a remote control knob, allowing you to turn up or turn down the bass while driving.

Quick Facts:
RMS Power: 1Ω @ 14.4v 2500 Watts x 1-Channel
RMS Power: 2Ω @ 14.4v 1500 Watts x 1-Channel
RMS Power: 4Ω @ 14.4v 850 Watts x 1-Channel
Power & Ground Input Size: 0 Gauge
Speaker Input Size: 8 Gauge

Technical specifications:

  1. No of channel: 1
  2. Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 250Hz
  3. Gain adjustment: 0.2v ~ 5v
  4. Subsonic adjustment: 15Hz ~ 50Hz
  5. Bass boost: 0dB ~ +12dB
  6. Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
  7. Damping factor: 180
  8. Minimum impedance: 1Ω (Ohm)
  9. Low Pass filter: 50Hz to 250Hz
  10. Bass level remote control (16.4ft): Yes
  11. Operating voltage (-ve ground): DC 12v
  12. Wire inputs: 0GA
  13. Bass knob: Remote gain control, power indicator


  • 181mm (W) x 55mm (H) x 540mm (L)


  1. MOSFET PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply
  2. Soft turn on circuitry
  3. 1-Ohm stable mono operation
  4. Variable input gain control, subsonic filter & low pass crossover
  5. Built in thermal, DC offset, overload & speaker short protection
  6. Nickel plated RCAs ensuring low resistance at connection leads
  7. LED power and protection indicators
  8. Comes with remote knob
  9. This is a purely Class-D amplifier where the audio amplification is solely controlled by electronic amplifying switches inside; making the gain much more effective and enthusiastic

Customer Reviews

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T series review

I have T 2500 and T 100.4 they r great amps just wish redo power supplies on T series


Everything in my Tahoe is ct sounds since 2018! The t2500.1 compliments my 2-12” strato perfectly! If you’re wondering to pull the trigger....do it. You won’t be disappointed!!
At125.4 running two sets of strato pa 6.5’s and t2500.1 running two 12” stratos!! Never been happier!!


This amp is a total upgrade from my wolfram C-2400.1D... With the T-2500.1D i finally sent 1 of my 18s in my wall with all that power...


Great amp! Lots of power.

Big Amplifier

Havent hooked up my system yet but I am sure it will be great!
Pre ordered the Amp earlier in the year