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    • Is this amp underrated? I have 3 sa-12's and am wondering if I should get this or save up some more and get the 4000.1

      This amp is under rated, it will do closer to 3000w rms at 1 ohm. Our TEAM-4000.1 will do closer to 5000w rms at 1 ohm. 

    • Should I run this amp with 2 sa-12's D2?

      This amp is rated for

      1 ohm @ 14.4v, 2500W (RMS), 5000W (MAX)
      2 ohm @ 14.4v, 1500W (RMS), 3000W (MAX)
      4 ohm @ 14.4v, 850W (RMS), 1700W (MAX)

    • Will a team bass knob with the clipping indicator work with this


    • Anyone know what this amp will do at 1.5 ohm? I am running 2 JL W7 12"s and need a bigger amp than JL Audio has

      This amplifier will be plenty of power for your 2 JL W7 Subwoofers

    • Can the T2500.1 push two skar audio evl 15's 1250 rms 2500 max.


    • Will this amp come with a bass knob ? And if so Will it have the built in voltmeter and clipping light ?

      This amplifier comes with a basic bass knob. It does not have clip light or voltage meter. If you would like an amplifier with a volt meter and clip light check out our AT Series and Team Series. 

    • What gauge wire does the 2500.1 take if we plan to run it at 3 ohms?

      This amplifier requires 0GA power and ground wire. 

    • Does a bass Knob come with the Amp or does it need to be purchases separately?

      This amplifier comes with a basic bass knob. 

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