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If you have any sort of car audio competitions ahead and are looking out for some killer 8" car door speakers, make sure to checkout the CT Sounds Neo Pro Audio 8 Inch Car Audio Speaker (1 speaker). The Neo PA 8" speaker is an extremely power hungry speaker and works better when powered off an car amplifier. They are 4-Ohm per speaker and are made up of quality materials that makes them able to go real crisp loud! Check out for further tech specs below-

Whats in the box:

  • 1 x Neo Pro Audio (PA) 8" Car Audio Speaker
Tech Specs:
  1. Speaker size: 8"
  2. Speaker type: Mid-range driver
  3. Impedance per speaker: 4-Ohm
  4. Power per speaker: 175W (RMS) | 350W (MAX)

Mid-range Driver:

      1. Voice coil (dia): 1.5"
      2. Sweep voltage: 12 V
      3. Output SPL (@1w/1m): 98 dB
      4. Frequency response (@SPL -10dB): 95 Hz ~ 8 kHz
      5. Magnet size: 90mm x 50mm x 6mm
      6. Magnet weight: 4.83 Oz
      7. Magnet type: Neodymium
        1. Each speaker has paper cone with cloth edge surround
        2. Yellow color PC+NOMEX spider
        3. White zinc coated yoke with 6mm front plate & 5mm back plate
        4. Voice coil of 1.5" / 38mm (dia) at each speaker
        5. Neodymium magnet
        6. Silver bullet phase plug in the center
        7. Steel plate type terminals for speaker connectivity, big one for Positive (+ve) & small one for Negative (-ve)
        8. Each speaker has black stamp steel basket with black powder paint on them
            1. Cutout diameter: 185mm / 7.28"
            2. Outer diameter: 206mm / 8.11"
            3. Mounting depth: 80mm / 3.13"



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