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CT Sounds Bio series subwoofer family introduces its newest addition, the Bio 15 Inch D4 Subwoofer. This dual 4 ohm subwoofer is rated at 400W RMS and is capable of taking 800W MAX. While you need to make some nice thumping arrangements in your vehicle looking at your pocket, this subwoofer is pretty nice to hop in. Somewhat entry level sub for the saying but literally works more than it says! Check out the features below-


What's in the box:

  • 1 x Bio 15" D4 Car Subwoofer (Dual 4 ohm)


  1. Dual 4Ω (ohm) resistive (voice coil) subwoofer
  2. 400W RMS car audio sub & can take up to 800W PEAK
  3. Dual connectivity terminals with 2" (diameter) voice coil make this product versatile irrespective of its size, dimensions and power consumption
  4. Incorporates Y30 graded ferrite magnet
  5. Strong & sturdy basket frame, capable of handling high diaphragm moves with maximum Xmax

Technical Specifications:

  1. Sub power: 400W (RMS) | 800W (MAX) 
  2. Subwoofer size: 15"
  3. Subwoofer type/ impedance: Dual 4 ohm
  4. Voice coil (dia): 2" / 51mm
  5. BL: 23.039
  6. FS: 29.120 Hz
  7. QTS: 0.569
  8. QES: 0.613
  9. QMS: 8.073
  10. VAS: 106.410 liters
  11. SPL: 88.2 dB (@1w/1m)
  12. Xmax: ~15mm (Peak to peak)
  13. Displacement: 0.10 ft3

Box Specifications:

  1. Sealed: 2.00 ~ 2.50 ft3
  2. Ported: 3.00 ~ 3.50 ft3

Mounting / Installation Parameters:

  1. Cutout diameter: 358mm / 14.1"
  2. Overall diameter: 391mm / 15.4"
  3. Mounting depth: 161mm / 6.34"


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Product Return || Bio 15 Inch D4 (400W RMS) (Used - Not Working)
$35.99 $79.99

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