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When your car audio speakers aren't working good while being powered off your stock radio unit, you better hop a nice 4 channel car audio amplifier in. And talking about a 4 channel car audio amplifier that has the capability to go beyond expectations, its the CT Sounds AT-125.4 Class D 4 Channel Car Audio Amplifier; 800W RMS you better look into.

Although most of the car audio amplifiers are class AB but this one is a class-D amplifier with bold outlook and staggering technical specifications. To cover your car audio mids (woofers) and highs (tweets & horns), this 4 channel car amp is a true and bold solution. This amp has got 2 pieces of inline fuses which protects the internal circuits while overloaded/ impedance mismatch. Talking about beauty, this amp has just got it with its LED logo on top and reinforced tiffany style RCAs. You get to place strong and rigid audio push connections with low resistance joints. For those who want some powerful speakers get powered off a powerful amplifier, this amp is the best!



  1. MOSFET PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply
  2. Reinforced tiffany style RCA
  3. Bridgeable outputs
  4. Soft turn on circuitry
  5. 4-Ohm stable per channel
  6. Built in thermal, DC offset, overload and speaker short protection
  7. Nickel plated RCAs ensuring low resistance inputs to the amp
  8. LED power and protection indicators
  9. Pure Class-D car audio amplifier

Amplifier Ratings:

  • 2Ω @ 12.8V Stereo, 190W (RMS) | 380W (MAX) x 4-Channels
  • 4Ω @ 12.8V Stereo, 125W (RMS) | 250W (MAX) x 4-Channels
  • 4Ω @ 12.8V Bridged, 400W (RMS) | 800W (MAX) x 2-Channels

Technical specifications:

  1. Number of channels: 4
  2. Frequency response (-3dB): 10Hz ~ 50kHz
  3. Gain adjustment: 0.2v ~ 5v
  4. Channel separation: 50dB
  5. Bass boost: 0dB ~ +12dB
  6. Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
  7. Damping factor: 150
  8. Minimum speaker impedance: 2Ω (ohm)
  9. Low pass filter: 50Hz - 500Hz (500Hz ~ 5kHz)
  10. High pass filter: 50Hz - 500Hz (500Hz ~ 5kHz)
  11. No of fuses: 2 (40A each)
  12. Operating voltage (-ve ground): DC 12v


  • 192mm (W) x 56.7mm (H) x 280mm (L)
Product Return || AT-125.4d Amplifier (Brand New - Working)
$249.99 $299.99

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