Passive 2-Way Crossover (Pair)

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Check out CT Sound's 2-Way Full-Range Crossover SetPassive component crossovers step into the signal path after the amplifier. They are small networks of capacitors and coils installed near the speakers. 

A full-range signal coming out of a car audio amplifier goes to the passive crossovers set which separates that signal into two parts. The higher notes are sent to the tweeters for extra highs and the mid-low notes are sent to the speaker woofer/driver. This way, passive crossover networks help the overall car audio system to go for full range audio frequency and makes car audio way richer and detailed.

Whats in the box:

  • 2 x ABS boxed crossover


  1. Crossover circuit box has dark clear top cover with CT Sounds logo printed on top of it
  2. Easy screwing terminals for input, tweeter & woofer connections
  3. Positive (+) & Negative (-) screw terminals for input, tweeter & woofer indicated on top of the box

Technical Specifications:

  1. Crossover circuit: 4μF capacitor / 100V
  2. Crossover point: 3.5kHz
  3. Filter for woofer: 6dB
  4. Filter for tweeter: 12dB
  5. Maximum power clearance: 300W MAX