M-750.1D // 750 Watts RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier

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Looking to go incognito? The CT Sounds M-750.1D Limited Red Edition Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier is proof it's not the size that matters, you get the power you want and save the space you need with this car amplifier. Pumping out 750w RMS in a package small enough to fit just about anywhere. Pair this with the M-75.4AB and you will be set for a full range of clean power without giving up the space needed for larger amplifiers.

The monoblock car amplifier is built with a MOSFET power supply, high-quality capacitors, advanced transformers, and cutting-edge inductors allowing for maximum current flow and power output making this amplifier extremely efficient. Furthermore, the capacitors are made in Korea which provides the amplifier with the ability to store more capacity and cover the capacity difference in applications where the amplifier draws more current than is available from the electrical system.

Included with the amplifier is a remote bass knob that allows you to turn your amp on/off or adjust your subwoofer bass levels while driving.

Quick Facts:
RMS Power: 1Ω @ 12.8v 750 Watts x 1-Channel
RMS Power: 2Ω @ 12.8v 600 Watts x 1-Channel
RMS Power: 4Ω @ 12.8v 350 Watts x 1-Channel
Power & Ground Input Size: 4 Gauge
Speaker Input Size: 8 Gauge

Technical specifications:

  1. Number of channel: 1
  2. Frequency response: 10Hz – 250Hz
  3. Gain adjustment: 0.2v – 5v
  4. Phase shift: 0º to 180º
  5. Subsonic adjustment: 10Hz – 50Hz
  6. Bass boost: 0dB ~ +18dB
  7. Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
  8. Damping factor: 180
  9. Minimum impedance: 1Ω (ohm)
  10. Low pass filter: 35Hz to 250Hz
  11. No of fuse: N/A
  12. Power inputs: 4 AWG
  13. Bass level remote control (16.4ft): Yes
  14. Operating voltage (-ve ground): DC 12v
  15. Bass knob: Remote gain control, clip light indicator, built in voltmeter & push-able on/off switch


  • 143mm (W) x 43mm (H) x 280mm (L)


  1. MOSFET PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply
  2. Soft turn on circuitry
  3. 1 ohm stable mono operation
  4. Variable input gain control, subsonic filter & low pass crossover
  5. Thermal, DC offset, overload and speaker short protection inbuilt
  6. Nickel plated RCAs, thus low resistance inputs to the amp
  7. LED power and protection indicators
  8. It comes with Remote Bass Knob; therefore allowing you to control power, on/off or subwoofer bass level easily
  9. This is a purely Class-D amplifier where the audio amplification is solely controlled by electronic amplifying switches inside; making the gain much more effective and enthusiastic

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great bass amp

I snagged this bad mamma jamma on pre-order before it came out along with the 75.4 matching sister amp and absolutely love it. The 750.1 is powering a ten year old kicker s10l7 in 2 ohm and it bumps. Not sure if it actually makes 600 watts rms or 1200 watts peak or not, but it still slams. Really like the small size and red anodizing of the chassis on this amp too. It looks really nice. Bass knob is also a really fantastic feature!

M series 750.1

Came fast and looks great now waiting on my sub and then can start to build out.

My ct sounds purchase's

I've bought and am building a whole system with ct sounds all the equipment looks awesome. Will give more details when its finished.

Love it

So far so good!

Ctsounds m750.1 red series

I've been running this another for 3 years now! I've run 5 different sub setups since installing this amp! A single 10" kicker cvr, a single 12" kicker cvr (cvrs we're silver and red), a pair of infinity 12"s, a 10" jl w6v2, and now my custom 10! I love this amp!!!