Blueprints (only) – How to make (NOT the actual box)

A PDF of the blueprint (box design) will be emailed in approximately 30 minutes after you order. If you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder or contact us at hello@ctsounds.com.

Note: All box-designs (blueprints) are non-returnable. There is no refund on box-designs.


The Strato subwoofers are a great subwoofer for getting a lot of output out of a relatively small volume without huge power requirements. In this build we will be making an enclosure for a pair of Strato 8” subwoofers using a recommended design available at www.ctsounds.com. We will also be modifying our front baffle with LED edge lit plexiglass under a custom insert shape!

To start our build we use a table saw or circular saw and cut each board as described by the design. We always double check our cuts for accuracy. We then lay out all of our boards for easy identification as we start our custom router work.


We make cuts in the front baffle for our two woofers along with our port. For our second baffle board we have used Smart Templates to create a custom shape that surrounds the subwoofers. We have also copied this shape to a piece of plexiglass that will be hidden beneath. Note that all hard edges are given a round over or chamfer treatment via our router table in order to enhance appearance, and to allow for smoother airflow in the port.


Next we make an internal brace which helps to add strength to the front baffle as well as stabilize the port wall. Any vibration of the box will steal acoustical energy from the subwoofers; the added strength helps to avoid any reduction in output.


On the end pieces of the box we apply a rabbeted notch using our router. This notch will allow us to tuck our carpet more effectively when we wrap the enclosure. After we have prepped all of our pieces we begin assembly. We use a healthy amount of wood glue on each joint and make the connections using a brad nail air gun. During assembly it is important to keep all boards as square as possible. We recommend assembling the rear and bottom pieces first, then adding the sides, then the 45’s, followed by the port assembly, brace, and front baffles. The final piece should be the top of the enclosure. It is critical to apply wood glue to the entire surface of each mating joint. Any excess glue can be easily removed with a damp rag.


Note that before adding in our port assembly we cut two boards that are the width of the port. This allows us to use these as a guide when locating our port thus insuring perfect alignment of the port walls. We can also use these pieces as a guide for where to apply fasteners from the outside of the box. After fully assembling the enclosure we complete our upholstery. The enclosure is wrapped in automotive carpet, the insert shape around the subwoofers is wrapped in vinyl. Before applying the vinyl wrapped trim ring we install our LED ribbon and then apply our plexiglass insert. We then carefully hide each carpet seam and press fit the vinyl trim ring into place over the plexiglass.


Now we can run 12 volt power to our LED ribbon. To finish up the install we load in our Strato 8’s and connect them with wire to our amplifier. The completed enclosure is ready for music and sounds as good as it looks!

Dual 8 Inch PORTED Subwoofer Box Design

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