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One of the most incredible CT Sounds bass packages thats worth the money- Single Strato 15" Box Package (Vented). This package is a complete solution for those looking for a mid-range bass in their vehicle. This is a single sub package and is pretty feasible to install at any convenient place/corner in your vehicle. There is an extra large terminal cup with push terminals for sub connectivity on the side of the vented box. This is a complete 800W RMS bass package!

Whats in the package:

  • 1 x Strato 15" D2 Car Audio Competition Grade Subwoofer (Dual 2 ohm)

  • 1 x Vented Box

Strato 15" D2 Sub Spec:
  1. Sub power: 800W (RMS) | 1600W (MAX) 
  2. Sub size: 15"
  3. Sub type / Impedance: Dual 2 ohm
  4. Voice coil (dia): 3" / 76.2mm
  5. Xmax: ~13mm (Single way)
  6. Mounting depth: 201mm / 7.9"

To check complete subwoofer spec- CLICK HERE

Box Spec:

Box Dimensions:

  • Length (L) : 32¼" / 819.15 mm
  • Depth / Width (D/W) :17¾" / 450.85 mm
  • Height (H) : 16½" / 419.10 mm


  • Box Type : Reinforced Slot Ported
  • Port Dimensions : L-21" (533.4mm) x W-2¾" (69.85mm) x H-14¾" (374.65mm)
  • Hole Cutout (Dia) : 14" /  355.6 mm
  • Mounting Depth : 13" / 330.2 mm
  • Total Volume : 3.60 Cu. Ft.
  • Box Tuning : 34 Hz
  • Box Weight : 52 lbs.

Constructional Features:

  • MDF Wood : ¾" / 19 mm (High Density)
  • Box Sealing : High Quality Silicon Sealed at Joints
  • Carpeting & Finishing : Durable Trunk Linear Finishing
  • Spring Terminals : 1-Set Loaded (Side)
Suggestions / Recommendations:
  • If you need an amplifier for this package, go for either a T-1000.1D or an AT-900.1d
  • If you need an Amp Kit suitable for this package, make sure to go 0GA Kits. 1st recommendation would be 0GA ELITE Amp Kit (OFC) & 2nd recommendation would be 0GA PRO Amp Kit (CCA).
  • Make sure to double check the subwoofer wiring, go 1-Ohm to the amplifier from any one amp suggested above.


Note: In the unlikely event your Bass Package is damaged during shipment or you have a warranty issue, CT Sounds will provide a replacement for the damaged or faulty subwoofer, not for the full bass package. For example, if the box enclosure is damaged during shipment, we will only send you a new box enclosure. If you have a problem with the subwoofer and it is under warranty, we will send you a subwoofer only.

    Single Strato 15" COMPETITION GRADE Bass Package
    $489.99 $615.99

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