Bio 1.0 10 Inch S4 Subwoofer (Used - Working)

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The item was tested and it is working. There may be cosmetic damage, small scratches, dents, and/or damage to the gift box. If for some reason the item is not working, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to notify us. We will ask you to return the item (with the packaging received) back to us. Once we verify it is the item and it is not working, we will issue you a store credit only. If we discover the item is working, we will not issue a refund and will offer to return the item to your address at your cost.



CT Sounds introduces a subwoofer product thats a harmonious combination of performance and price: the Bio 1.0 10 Inch Subwoofer S4. This truly is one of the best fits for those vehicles which are looking forward to having a nice propelling bass inside. This subwoofer takes only 150W RMS without a single compromise on quality.

This is quite a nice 10" single terminal 4-ohm (S4) subwoofer having steel molded basket that makes its bass output strong, stable & untamed; even while full powered. Both, sealed and ported enclosures can get this product prettily fitted in.

Whats in the box:

  • 1 x Bio 1.0 10" S4 Car Subwoofer (Single 4 ohm)


  1. It is a single 4Ω (ohm) resistive (voice coil) subwoofer
  2. Steel terminal pair for sub connectivity (use soldering for wire connections) 
  3. This sub takes 150W (RMS) & can take up to 300W power (MAX)
  4. 1.5” (diameter) voice coil makes this product versatile irrespective of its size, dimensions and power consumption
  5. It is equipped with Y30 graded ferrite magnet, which is one of the kings in the magnet world
  6. Strong basket frame is capable of handling high powered audio frequencies without any harm to the product

Technical Specifications:

  1. Sub power: 150W (RMS), 300W (MAX) 
  2. Subwoofer size: 10”
  3. Subwoofer type/ Impedance: Single 4 ohm
  4. Voice coil (diameter): 1.5” (38.10mm)
  5. FS: 35.6Hz
  6. QTS: 0.520
  7. QES: 0.590
  8. QMS: 4.074
  9. VAS: 44.511 liters
  10. SPL: 87.2 dB (@ 1w/1m)
  11. Xmax: 6mm

Box Specifications:

  1. Sealed: 0.45 ft3
  2. Ported: 0.95 – 1.15 ft3

Mounting/Installation Parameters:

  1. Cutout diameter: 229mm / 9”
  2. Overall diameter: 264mm / 10.4"
  3. Mounting depth: 106mm / 4.15"
  4. Displacement: 0.056 ft3

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