Big 3 CCA Wiring Kit 0 Gauge Wire Kit

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Introducing the Big 3 CCA Wiring kit 0 Gauge Blue Wire Kit (Fused) by CT Sounds. This kit is truly beneficial for those who likes to have unprecedented connectivity from your alternator to your car batteries. Big 3 is the most important solution to the dimming headlights problem in your vehicle when you have power hungry car audio gears. Accessories included in this kit are-

  • 1 x 5' 0 Gauge CCA BLUE power cable
  • 1 x 10' 0 Gauge CCA WHITE ground cable
  • 1 x 250 Amp ANL fuse
  • 1 x ANL fuse holder
  • 4 pairs of ring terminals
  • 10 pieces of plastic zip ties