Single Bio 12" D4 V2.0; 300W RMS; PORTED Bass Package (B-Box-S-12-2.0)

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Get used with the CT Sounds Factory Built & Tuning Tested Subwoofer bass packages. If you are having limited space while looking out for something priceworthy and at the same time praiseworthy, checkout for the Single Bio 12" Bass Package (B-Box-S-12-2.0). This is an extremely impressive subwoofer bass package. 

The specialty about all these B-Box Bass packages is that, these boxes are made with absolutely matching parameters to the sub and is set up with best tuning. Each and every item go through extra QC & QA process to make sure they perform the best at their rated RMS power. 

We had more than thousands of customers asking for recommendations for the best match of Subwoofer with its best suitable box (tuning, size, parameters and all other tech specs). To reduce the time, calculations & effort of each customer, CT Sounds thought of making Pre-Loaded Bass packages so that customers can get it all done in one single package every such customers. Its simple PLUG n PLAY!!

Whats in the Box:


  1. Power Ratings: 300W RMS | 600W MAX
  2. Connectivity: @2Ω 
  3. Colour: Black
  4. Subwoofer no. & model: 1 x Bio 12" 2.0 (D4) 
  5. Subwoofer size: 12"
  6. Ports: Single ported (Factory TUNED) enclosure
  7. Box Tuning: 32Hz
  8. Total weight: ~32 lbs. 

Box Dimensions:

Having the box in front and the subwoofer facing you; the dimensions are-

  1. Length: 17" / 433mm (left to right; top and bottom)
  2. Breadth/depth: 11.4" / 290mm (front to back; top) & 14.2" / 360mm (front to back; bottom)
  3. Height: 14.4" / 365mm (top to bottom; front side)
  4. Box wood thickness: 0.60" / 15mm (top, back and bottom)
  5. CT Sounds LOGO: 7.3" / 186.4mm (on the top portion of the box)


Note: In the unlikely event your Bass Package is damaged during shipment or you have a warranty issue, CT Sounds will provide a replacement for the damaged or faulty subwoofer, not for the full bass package. For example, if the box enclosure is damaged during shipment, we will only send you a new box enclosure. If you have a problem with the subwoofer and it is under warranty, we will send you a subwoofer only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christopher Munford
Bio 12” 2.0

This is my first purchase from CT sounds but it won’t be the last. Bought for my daughter and now she wants the whole car done through CT sounds. Thanks a lot guys!

Robert Beezhold
Single 12 Inch Is Impressive

I wanted to add a little more low end to my car. I recieved alot more than what i was expecting! I was impressed with the box build as I wasnt expecting the box to be that heavy but it appears to be rather thick wood. Carpeted nicely with the CT Sounds logo. Bass port looks good on the side and the terminals a push type that accept speaker pins! Hooked up to the CT sounds at500.1 amp and man does this package deliver. I just wanted a little bit of bass so i have it tuned down considerably. But I did play around and it will hit shake the car more than i expected it to. Really just a great subwoofer and the box is made for the speaker! Good deal.
Now for a couple nitpicking things i noticed. The connector cup says 2 ohms and the subwoofer is infact wired for 1 ohm. You can wire the subwoofer for different impedance but the internal wiring is soldered together which makes it hard to do. (I left it wired as is because i bought a CT Sounds at500.1) maybe there is a way to make it so you can change the impedance easier? Anyways, I highly recommend this set up for anyone needing some low end for sound quality. I am happy with this purchase and would highly recommend CT sounds to anyone. Customer service was quick to respond to me and guided me in the right direction.

Justin Fletcher

Single Bio 12" V2.0 PORTED Bass Package (B-Box-S-12-2.0)

Randall Hancock
Awesome woofer

The woofer is great, with a nice range of bass. I used this woofer to replace a lower quality woofer and there is no comparison. The only issue I had was that I submitted the pre-order for this product in March with an expected arrival in June and I didn't receive it until September. I had to repeatedly request updates on its arrival and received friendly but vague answers. I received it about 3 weeks after their last ETA (ETA was 8/17, delivery was 9/3 for example).


Single Bio 12" V2.0 PORTED Bass Package (B-Box-S-12-2.0)