Dual Bio 10" S4s V1.0; 300W RMS; PORTED Bass Package (B-Box-D-10-1.0)

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Try out those CT Sounds Bio 10" Version 1.0 subwoofer in a factory tuned ported bass package while spending a little! All them comes in the CT Sounds Dual Bio 10" V1.0 PORTED Bass Package (B-Box-D-10-1.0). Imagine having a FACTORY TUNED & TESTED ported subwoofer enclosure with a pair or quality 10" Bio V1.0 subwoofers all at this price!

This is simply a plug n play subwoofer bass package. On the left side of the box, is the port and right on the other side, there is a cup with the terminals for easy connectivity. Both the subwoofers are prewired inside; you just need to hook the amp up at its cup terminals. 

The specialty about all these B-Box Bass packages is that, these boxes are made with absolutely matching parameters to the sub and is set up with best tuning. Each and every item go through extra QC & QA process to make sure they perform the best at their rated RMS power. 


Whats in the Package:


  1. Power Rating: 300W RMS | 600W MAX
  2. Connectivity: 2Ω 
  3. Colour: Black
  4. Subwoofer no. & model: 2 x Bio 10" 1.0 (S4)
  5. Subwoofer size: 10"
  6. Ports: Single ported (Factory TUINED) enclosure
  7. Box Tuning: 32Hz
  8. Total Weight: ~48 lbs.


Note: In the unlikely event your Bass Package is damaged during shipment or you have a warranty issue, CT Sounds will provide a replacement for the damaged or faulty subwoofer, not for the full bass package. For example, if the box enclosure is damaged during shipment, we will only send you a new box enclosure. If you have a problem with the subwoofer and it is under warranty, we will send you a subwoofer only.

Customer Reviews

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Frederick Diaz
Sounds good, but hopefully better after stuffing

I wasn’t actually in the market for a new subwoofer, as I already have an excellent sounding CT Sounds Bio 10 D4 2.0 in a slot ported box stuffed with Poly-fil that I have been using for the past three years. But when the Dual Bio 10" S4s V1.0; 300W RMS; PORTED Bass Package went on sale for 20% off, I figured I would try it out and see if it was twice as good as my single 10” setup. The box itself appears to be of high quality, with the CT Sounds logo stitched into the dark gray carpet on the top panel. A banana jack terminal cup on the left side, a 4-inch flared port on the right side, and a sunken front panel that looks ready for a custom grille, completes the high-quality look. After removing my current box and swapping this one in, my initial impressions are mostly positive. Although it is definitely louder, it seemed to not go as low. I listen to a wide variety of music, and it blended in nicely with the Focal 165KRX components in the front, all powered by a JL Audio 500/3v2. It sounds good and gets plenty loud, but my only gripe is that it doesn’t give me enough of that low end rumble...yet. Hopefully by stuffing the box with Poly-fil I can lower the resonant frequency AND still have good musicality.

Jason Jordan

Not a bad little setup my 16yr son highly enjoys it but now he is wanting to go bigger