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Our environmental atmospheres lowest spheres name is troposphere; from which, CT Sounds Tropo Series Subwoofers were born. To keep it short and straightforward the Troposphere is the lowest point of the atmosphere so in line with this we designed the Tropo subwoofers to be all about producing low pitched deep audio frequencies at extremely loud volume. The Tropo 8 Inch Subwoofer D4 naturally plays all the low-end frequency bass with ease! The Tropo 8-Inch is a 400W (RMS) thirsty subwoofer and truly is a quality product that you cannot beat for the money.

Whats in the box:

  • 1 x Tropo 8" D4 Car Subwoofer (Dual 4 ohm)


  1. It is a dual 4Ω (ohm) resistive (voice coil) subwoofer
  2. This is a 400W (RMS) subwoofer with maximum 800W power
  3. 2" (diameter) voice coil makes this subwoofer versatile irrespective of its size, dimensions and power consumption
  4. It incorporates with Y35 graded ferrite magnet, which is one of the kings in the magnet world! The magnet is inside a durable and sturdy and robust casing that is attached to the sub basket.
  5. Strong and sturdy basket frame capable of handling high-powered audio-frequency production without any harm to the product!

Technical Specifications:

  1. Sub power: 400W (RMS) | 800W (MAX) 
  2. Subwoofer size: 8"
  3. Subwoofer type/ impedance: Dual 4 ohm
  4. Voice coil (diameter): 2" (50.4mm)
  5. FS: 50.205Hz
  6. QTS: 0.629
  7. QES: 0.762
  8. QMS: 3.582
  9. VAS: 6.598 liters
  10. SPL: 82.3 dB (@1w/1m)

Box Specifications:

  1. Sealed: 0.30 ft3
  2. Ported: 0.35 ~ 0.70 ft3

Mounting / Installation Parameters:

  1. Cutout diameter: 183mm / 7.2"
  2. Overall diameter: 213mm / 8.4"
  3. Mounting depth: 117mm/ 4.6"
Tropo 8 Inch D4 (400W RMS)
$79.99 $109.99

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