T-100.4AB // 640 Watts RMS 4-Channel Car Audio Amplifier

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CT Sound’s proudly introduces the T-100.4 Car 4 Channel Amplifier. This one lay in one of the best class car amplifiers. Providing with the best audio quality output, lowest possible distortion, staggering outlook and sleek design; the T-100.4 comes to you with top class steel body finishing! This is a nice class AB operative 4-channel car audio amplifier with bridgeable capability. As less as possible physical wirings are used inside the amplifier; ensuring lower resistivity and heat emission. Plus, the outer steel body and the fins on the side works as a true heat sink to drain the internal heats fast! This is real smart, handy & real easy car amp for users.

Quick Facts:
RMS Power: 2Ω @ 14.4v 160 Watts x 4-Channels
RMS Power: 4Ω @ 14.4v 100 Watts x 4-Channels
RMS Power: 4Ω @ 14.4v 320 Watts x 2-Channels Bridged
Power & Ground Input Size: 4 Gauge
Speaker Input Size: 12 Gauge

Technical Specifications:

  1. No of channel: 4
  2. Frequency response (-3dB): 10Hz ~ 50kHz
  3. Gain adjustment: 0.2v ~ 5v
  4. Channel separation: 50dB
  5. Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
  6. Damping factor: 150
  7. Minimum speaker impedance: 2Ω (ohms)
  8. Low pass filter: 30Hz ~ 300Hz
  9. High pass filter: 30Hz ~ 600Hz
  10. Operating voltage (-ve ground): DC 12v


  • 181mm (W) x 55mm (H) x 420mm (L)


  1. This amp has bridgeable outputs
  2. TRI mode capable (for 3 speakers)
  3. MOSFET PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply
  4. Soft turn on circuitry
  5. Variable input gain control, high-pass & low-pass crossover
  6. Built in thermal, DC offset, overload and speaker short protection
  7. Nickel plated RCAs ensuring low resistance inputs & outputs
  8. LED power and protection indicators
  9. This is a purely Class-AB amplifier

Customer Reviews

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Great Amp

Solid amp with enough power to drive my components and coaxials. Just wished it was fused. Has smooth threads for all the screws

Best bang for your bucks

I'm running this amp in a single cab sonoma as a 3 channel set up. A set of strato 6.5 components on the front 2 channels and bridged channels 3 and 4 to run a 10" shallow sub and I'm very happy with the sound.

Good investent

I'm running this amp bridged pushing 2 Sony 12" subs. Took a little fine tuning and it does the job just fine. Clear sound absolutely 0 distortion even when reaching the 85-90% volume level. Speakers are mounted in a custom made Corian box that weighs upwards of 90lbs. Very solid and dense material with ability to flex producing lows you can feel without 1000's of watts. 4 stars because it will only run for about 30-40 minutes then the thermal switch trips. This amp should have an internal fan because it runs too hot when being pushed. But the sound quality is amazing.