Meso 6.5 Inch 3-Way Component Set

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CT Sounds introduces its hottest, coolest and the beefiest Meso 6.5 Inch 3-Way Full Range Car Audio Component Speakers Set for your car audio. This is a complete full-range 3-way speakers set that includes woofers, mid-ranges, tweeters, crossover boxes & accessories for mounting. This set maintains top quality audio within your vehicle and covers a lot of mid-bass at the same time. And about going sky high loud? This 3-way set just does it like you've never heard before! This set performs best when powered off a car audio amplifier. Therefore, make sure you have a perfect one. Check out for the tech specs below-


Whats in the box:

    • 2 x Meso 6.5" Midrange Driver (Woofer)
    • 2 x Meso 3.5" Midrange Speaker
    • 2 x Meso 25mm CNC Silk Dome Tweeter
    • 2 x ABS Box Crossover
    • 2 x Woofer Protection Grille
    • Tweeters Mounting Pod (Flush Mount)
    • Wires for tweeter, mid-range & woofer connectivity
    • Screws


    1. Each speaker has fiberglass cone with NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) surround
    2. Yellow color PC+NOMEX spider (white Zinc coated) with 6mm top plate and 5mm back plate
    3. Voice coil of 1.4" / 36mm (dia) at each speaker
    4. Y30 ferrite & Neo magnets
    5. Each 25mm silk-dome tweeter is covered with silver chrome plated metal mesh face grille
    6. Crossover circuit box has dark clear top cover with CT Sounds logo printed on top of it
    7. Quality Copper Clad Aluminium Wire (CCAW) connected with tweeters for connectivity
    8. Spring type terminals for woofer connectivity, RED one for Positive (+ve) & BLACK one for Negative (-ve) & steel plate type terminals for 3.5" midrange driver connectivity, big one for Positive (+ve) & small one for Negative (-ve)
    9. Each speaker has black cast aluminium basket with black powder texture paint on them
    10. Embossed logo on speaker basket & around speaker magnet for a bold outlook
    11. Quality metal mesh face grilles (pair) for speakers safety
    12. Comes with wires & screws


    Technical Specifications:

      1. Speaker size: 6.5"
      2. Midrange size: 3.5"
      3. Tweeter size: 1"
      4. System type: 3-Way Component
      5. Impedance per speakers set (woofer+midrange+tweeter): 4-Ohm
      6. Power per speakers set: 115W (RMS) | 230W (MAX)
      7. Total system power: 230W (RMS) | 460W (MAX)

      6.5" Woofer:

          1. Rated power per speaker: 60W (RMS) | 120W (MAX)
          2. Rated power per speaker pair: 120W (RMS) | 240W (MAX)
          3. Sweep voltage: 12 V
          4. Output SPL (@1w/1m): 89 dB
          5. Resonant frequency: 65 Hz
          6. Frequency response (@SPL -10dB): 50 Hz ~ 20 kHz
          7. X-over point: 3.5 kHz
          8. Magnet size: 100mm x 20mm
          9. Magnet weight: 21 Oz
          10. Magnet type: Y30 ferrite
          11. Cone material: Glass fiber cone with NBR surround

          3.5" Mid-range Woofer:

          1. Rated power per speaker: 30W (RMS) | 60W (MAX)
          2. Rated power per speaker pair: 60W (RMS) | 120W (MAX)
          3. Output SPL (@1w/1m): 89 dB
          4. Resonant frequency: 65 Hz
          5. Frequency response (@SPL -10dB): 300 ~ 1500 Hz
          6. X-over point: 3.5 kHz
          7. Magnet size: 48mm x 26mm
          8. Magnet weight: 1.9 Oz
          9. Cone material: Glass fiber cone with NBR surround
          25mm Tweeter:
          1. Rated power per tweeter: 25W (RMS) | 50W (MAX)
          2. Rated power per speaker pair: 50W (RMS) | 100W (MAX)
          3. Output SPL (@1w/1m): 90 dB
          4. Resonant frequency: 2 kHz
          5. Frequency response (@SPL -10dB): 1.5 kHz ~ 20 kHz
          6. X-over point: 3.5 kHz
          7. Magnet type: Neodynium
          8. Tweeter material: Silk dome tweeter with metal mesh grilles
          9. Tweeter body: CNC aluminium


            1. Crossover circuit: 4μF capacitor / 100V
            2. Crossover point: 3.5kHz
            3. Filter for woofer: 6dB
            4. Filter for mid-range: 9dB
            5. Filter for tweeter: 12dB

            Mounting / Installation Parameters:

            6.5" Woofer:

              1. Cutout diameter: 5.7" / 145mm
              2. Outer diameter: 6.93" / 176mm
              3. Mounting depth: 2.87" / 73mm
              4. Mounting depth (Grilles on): 3.98" / 101mm

              3" Mid-range Woofer:

              1. Cutout diameter: 2.82" / 72mm
              2. Outer diameter: 3.88" / 99mm
              3. Mounting depth: 1.59" / 40mm
              4. Mounting depth (Grilles on): 2.38" / 61mm

              25mm Tweeter:

              1. Cutout diameter: 1.61" / 41mm
              2. Outer diameter: 2.17" / 55mm
              3. Mounting depth: 0.61" / 16mm

              Crossover box:

              1. Box length (bottom): 4.91" / 125mm
              2. Box length (top): 4.70" / 120mm
              3. Box breadth: 3.73" / 95mm
              4. Box height: 1.34" / 34mm

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 43 reviews
              Great set

              3 way compoenet set is very musical with solid bass I have 2 set really do need a sub. Would purchase again. One thing that purple crown icon need to go it's in the way.

              Meso 3-ways

              Awesome set of speakers had the 2 ways also great set of speakers but the 3-ways are on a whole different level, I have them in a CT Sounds AT 150.6, have a set up front and a set in back can’t say enough about them ran them on an AT125.4 as well they love power the more you give em the better the experience and for the price they can’t be beat

              Far exceeds expectations

              If you play a song with acoustic guitars, and close your eyes, you can almost see someone playing a guitar in front of you. The imagery and clarity is unreal. And they have no issue getting loud.


              Coming from CT's Pro Audio speakers, I thought these sounded "meh" at first and almost returned them. It's been about week now and I'm glad I didn't. I had to spend a bit of time retuning my amps and EQs...and wow. While I'd still give the edge to the Pro Audio speakers when it comes to clarity, the Meso woofers put out some serious bass and they get LOUD! I'm cutting them @ 75hz running 100rms and they perform excellent. The tweeters are nice and crisp and while they can be adjusted quite "bright" with the +3db switch, they still don't distort and screech. The addition of the 3.5" mid-range is a massive improvement over the 2-way Meso components and well worth the additional cost.

              Crystal clear

              The sound is amazing. The woven design, and the over all construction are very clean and aesthetically pleasing. I hate that the door speakers are covered up. I will def be adding this same set to the rear of the vehicle as well.