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Power Ratings:

RMS Power: 700w @ 1-ohm x 1-channel at 14.4v 1% THD

RMS Power: 380w @ 2-ohm x 1-channel at 14.4v 1% THD

RMS Power: 200w @ 4-ohm x 1-channel at 14.4v 1% THD

Technical Specifications:

Monoblock Class D Power Amplifier

Subsonic filter: 0 - 50Hz

Frequency response: 0 Hz to 320 Hz

LPF: 40-180Hz

S/N: 93dB

Bass Boost: 0 to 12 dB

Bass Boost Frequency: 30-80Hz

Input impedance: 22k ohms

Operation voltage: DC 9-16V

Minimum speaker impedance: 1ohm

Remote volume Controller

Continuously-Variable Input Gain Control

Remote Turn-on/Turn-off circuit

MOSFET Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply

Soft Turn-on Circuit

Thermal and Speaker Short Protection Circuit

LED Power and Protection Indicators


Mounting Dimensions:

11.03" Long * 5.12" Wide * 1.93" Tall

(280mm Long * 140mm Wide * 49mm Tall) 



Installation Tips:

1. Use pure OFC Copper Wiring. Make sure to use the correct gauge wiring, for the CT-700.1D we suggest using wiring that 4GA, anything smaller is never recommended for this amplifier. We do not recommend using CCA wiring. CCA wiring is cheap, it is made using primarily aluminum. The amplifier will perform less than optimal if you decide to us CCA wiring and may even shorten the life of the amplifier. Spend the extra money and do it right, pure Copper OFC wiring that brands such

as Stinger offer is the ONLY way to go.  

2. Make sure to properly ground your amplifier. We recommending grounding to the frame of your car. Make sure to clean the surface well, sand down the surface removing any paint, dirt, rust, etc.. so the connection is as strong as possible. We recommend using a bolt (do not use screws). Do not ground the amplifier to a seat bolt or any existing bolt on your vehicle (this a really a bad idea).

3. Tune your amplifier with a DD-1 or O-Scope, make sure it is not clipping. Clipping is the leading cause of subwoofer deaths.

4. Do not mount your amplifier to your subwoofer box. Mount your amplifier away from the subwoofer enclosure in a secure location. Vibration is one of the leading causes of amplifiers deaths. 


Note: If your amplifier is getting hot and/or shutting off it is likely because you did not follow the above. A poor ground, a loose connection, using too small of wire, or not using OFC wiring is the main reasons this would happen. 

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great amp
Great product
Great little amp
CT-700.1D Monoblock Car Amplifier, 700 Watt RMS
$139.99 $179.99

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